Frequent asked questions :

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Do we need a visa to travel to Morocco :

If you are a citizen of certain countries like the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia or China you will not need a visa to come to Morocco. All other clients should consult the Moroccan Embassy or Consulate in their countries or you may refer to the following website which is for the General Moroccan Consulate in New York :

Travel Documentation to bring :

You are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid international passport with a minimum 6 (six) months' validity. It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant to ensure that all passport and visa requirements are met prior departure.

Is Morocco is a safe destination :

Morocco is considered one of the safest countries in the Islamic world. Moroccans are friendly and helpful everywhere you go. The government is always proactive in protecting their customers during your tourists visiting Morocco; you find that the police are everywhere, so nothing to fear.

What is the method of payment :

In terms of payment, We do require a deposit of 50% as an advance which should be achieved via Bank transfer and the rest of the payment should be paid cash on the meeting the meantime, we accept cash method of payment. However, you can pay either in Dirham (Moroccan currency) or in other global currency (such as Euros or Dollars). You can consult for updates on currency rates.

Is it a good idea to bring children to Morocco :

Absolutely yes, if you have children and willing to visit Morocco, you needn’t leave them in a babysitting, you’d better bring them to discover something extraordinary. This decision can be challenging you to bear extra burdens when it comes to providing care to your children, but little kids like to amuse and enjoy travelling like adults. Besides, they’re Morocco experience will remain a lifetime journey for them to broaden their mind till they grow up mature.

What clothing is appropriate in Morocco :

You can relax and wear whatever is familiar and comfortable on the street at home. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, you're not expected to act or look like a Moroccan. Longer shorts and shirts are fine for men. For women it's a good idea to bring a scarf to cover bare shoulders and arms in rural villages. Shorts are not acceptable for women unless below knee length.

Rural people will be visibly embarrassed if you choose to dress with skin showing, and react with a muffled laugh or cover their eyes. In their view, you're walking around in your underwear. City dwellers often dress as we do.

Is it allowed to take pictures of locals in Morocco :

Preferably, ask permission to remain in a reasonable manner, especially before taking pictures of people on the streets and in rural areas. Make sure you bring camera batteries with you extra, because it is very difficult to find outside the big cities of Morocco. We understand how it is splendid some photos would be about people, especially with typical Moroccan clothing or style, but we recommend asking permission before making a photo.

As a woman, is it safe to travel alone to Morocco :

“Enchanted Morocco” ensures high security and care to its customers. If you are a sole woman travelling to morocco, you will have nothing to worry about. We devote special attention to foreign women during the tour, especially if they are travelling alone. It can be a serious matter if she is coming to Morocco without being involved with a tour company, because sole women are often treated badly if they are not accompanied with a trusted guide. Hence, our staff will treat you well along the road and ensure you are not irritated under any circumstances.

What languages are spoken in Morocco :

The official language is Arabic, Berber dialects also cover a large part of the country. French is the dominant business language in central and southern Morocco. Spanish is often spoken in the extreme north and south, while English is spoken enough.

Can I-drink tap water in Morocco :

It is advisable not to drink tap water at all in Morocco. Because it contains high levels of minerals in the water than should drink bottled water only.

How many days do we need to stay in Morocco if we want to include the Sahara Desert :

Every trip is different. We tend to recommend two nights in the desert. If you wish to see most of the highlights of Morocco, that typically means 10 to 12 days minimum. Many clients stay up to two weeks.

How should I be have :

It is the Clients’ responsibility to ensure that he and the members of his Party do not behave in a way which causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others. In such circumstances all suppliers (e.g. hotel managers) and the Company have the right to terminate arrangements made on the Clients’ behalf, in which case the Company’s responsibility to the Client ceases immediately. Therefore, the Company will not be liable for any refunds, payment of compensation or reimbursement of any cost or expenses incurred as a result. Further, the Client will be liable to reimburse the Company for any expenses whatsoever that it incurs as a result of such behaviour.

Who should I tip :

It is customary to tip for good service in Morocco, as you would at home. Tourism is a key pillar in Morocco's economy, and many people depend on tips to supplement their wages, but you should not feel pressured to tip anyone if you are not satisfied with the service you have received.

Will my laptop work in Morocco :

Laptops and electronics from USA or Europe will usually work in Morocco, assuming to have access to an electric plug adapter, European French adapter; this one can be purchased in all major electronics stores.