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“ Travel the Souks of Morocco to Purchase the finest Souvenirs ”
Morocco is a treasure of Handicrafts as part of the Moroccan Heritage. The country is famous for its variety of artisanal crafts, from Berber rugs to brilliant silk embroidery. There is nothing artificial about the products. They are all practical useful things that have been used for centuries. The old towns of Morocco are hives of traditional industry, where you will see exquisite Souks with, authentic craftsmanship, and tiny workshops, the shopping scene offers both old and new. Moroccan crafts are a fundamental part of Moroccan life.

In fact, if there is a travel tip before your luxury Morocco tour to think about, it would be strolling in the Souks (markets) as a major feature of Moroccan life, and among the country’s greatest attractions. They are found everywhere: every town has a souk area; large cities like Fez and Marrakech.

The following are just a few of the handicrafts Morocco has on offer :
Slippers – Moroccan local shoes are handmade from the local produced leather. Fez and Marrakech medina are the main cities to find some truly unique and well-made slippers. The famous tanneries in both cities supply the raw leather, and you can watch the craftsmen sew their latest creations in the small shops that line the medina alleyways.

Carpets – Fez and Marrakech are both best places to purchase the perfect carpet. A guide can help you pick out the different patterns, colors and sizes, as well as give you some background on the origins of the many symbols and motifs in use. Don’t rush past smaller cooperatives, though. Many small towns have carpet and weaving co-ops that would happily show you their wares. In fact, if you already have something in mind, these smaller outposts are often happy to make a custom rug to order.

Marquetry - Marquetry is another traditional craft and this is where the town of Essaouira truly shines: wooden furniture, ornaments, chess boards and small wooden boxes made in cedar, thuya and oak, as well as boxes and mirror frames inlaid with camel bone. Many wooden goods are inlaid with veneers or mother of pearl. The woodworkers’ ateliers are an ideal place to watch the manufacturing process and buy at least a small trinket to remind them of the relaxed Moroccan sea coast.

Lanterns – Local lanterns are unique pieces of craftsmanship and can truly shine at night. Marrakech is the best home to most of the country’s lantern makers, but you can find them almost anywhere. Shop assistants can often help you track down certain shapes, sizes and colors, so be open and honest about what you’re looking for. Even if they don’t have the size and design that you are looking for; they can fulfill your request and make your preferable lantern design and size.

Pottery – This industry can vary wildly from place to another, but a few cities have truly put their mark on the ceramics trade. The most notable ceramic cities are Fez and Safi specialized in decorative pottery with colored glazing. These two cities have large markets dedicated to their sale as well as a wide variety of shops and styles. Fez and Safi offer a more relaxed atmosphere for shopping, and since the pottery is made onsite, you’re often dealing with the craftsmen. Clay is turned into jars, vases, plates or plain dishes. It is generally embellished with touches of tar or illuminated with sophisticated arabesques.

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